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Dining Out With Kids

 All right, I need a show of hands.  How many people enjoy going out to a restaurant with their kids?  Anyone? Anyone? Bueller…? Going out for a meal with your family can be pleasant and uneventful, or it can be an experience of elevated blood pressure, raised voices, and headaches – all before the bread […]

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Countdown to Summer Photo Challenge

Tomorrow is Memorial Day and although the weather doesn’t *quite* feel like it yet, summer is almost here! In conjunction with our Summer Bucket List we are counting down to summer with a fun Photo Challenge. Here’s the scoop. Check out Facebook every day for a prompt and post a photo that best fits the prompt. […]

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Forever Young

I thought that being young was just who I was, like my brown hair and hazel eyes. After all, I was the girl who could ride her bike around corners with no hands. I could twirl around the uneven bars, first try. I climbed all the trees faster and higher. Later, I could do anything […]

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Once Upon a Time…

A long time ago, in a (not so) far away land, there was a young princess who lived a charmed existence. She was loved and celebrated, and the king and queen were always careful to assure her that she could be anything she dreamed. The princess was bright, kind, and capable. The princess was also quite slender. And though […]

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Maternal Care After Childbirth

Chances are that at one point over the past week, you have seen someone on your Facebook feed share an article about maternal death rates in the United States being the worst in the developed word. Read through one of them and you’ll probably learn several facts that will shock you. Like how the maternal […]

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