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Hanukkah Providence Moms Blog

Hanukkah Traditions Past and Present

When I was growing up, Hanukkah was one of my favorite holidays. It was the one that involved family, presents, and food and did not entail spending 2+ hours at synagogue. I always thought of it as the underdog of winter holidays. Though I appreciated and enjoyed Christmas, it was easy to get overwhelmed by […]

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grand holiday tour Providence Moms Blog

The Grand Holiday Tour

Every Christmas, we go on what we call “The Grand Tour.” Everyone wants to see the kids and we like being fed. And all the love is pretty great, too. We plan accordingly. We bring the car with the biggest trunk. And pack overnight bags, presents organized by event, as well as platters of non-refridgerated […]

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PMB Weekly Events RoundUp { Dec 10 – Dec 17}

The first snow has fallen, and the holiday’s are in full swing!!   This week is likely the perfect week to visit Edaville or LaSallette to see holiday displays, as the weather is mild and it’s still early in the holiday season.  And of course, there’s still time to see Trinity’s A Christmas Carol, or visit […]

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this is us interfaith different faiths Providence Moms Blog

This is Us: We Are An Interfaith Family

My husband and I are an interfaith couple; we come from different religious backgrounds. I was raised in a devote Roman Catholic family, he in a reformed Jewish one. I was brought up attending church each week, receiving both my First Communion and subsequent Confirmation, while my husband attended classes to learn about Judaism and […]

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picky eater tips providence moms blog

The Picky Eater Predicament

Okay – quick poll everyone.  Clap your hands if your kids are thrilled to eat what you make for dinner every night.  Is the sound of silence I hear?  Every mom has experienced the challenge of living with a picky eater, whether it is for a few days, months or, in my case, going on […]

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self-care selfish Providence Moms Blog

Self-Care or Selfish?

Visualize your internal list, that list of who or what is important… where are you on that list? For many of us we are at the bottom, or pretty close to it. We are constantly putting others’ needs and wants above our own. And this goes far beyond being a mother or even a wife. […]

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