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Maternal Care After Childbirth

Chances are that at one point over the past week, you have seen someone on your Facebook feed share an article about maternal death rates in the United States being the worst in the developed word. Read through one of them and you’ll probably learn several facts that will shock you. Like how the maternal […]

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letter to my dog before having a baby Providence Moms Blog

A Letter to the Dog

Dear Dog, I often wish you could speak English. If only to tell you that the FedEx man on our doorstep does not intend to murder me. Also, the biscuit from that nice lady at the bank window likely isn’t poisonous so please don’t dramatically drop it on the floor and then give her a […]

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Mother’s Day: the Year After

I dreamed that my mother was talking to me. She wasn’t saying  anything of consequence. I think she was recommending some type of  insurance. This wasn’t unusual. My mother was an intensely practical  person. She was impatient with talk of philosophy or religion or politics. She put her faith in everyday competence and real things.  Most […]

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