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What Sets Your Mom BFF Apart From The Rest

When I sit down to think about it, it’s kind of funny to think of how friendships evolve and come to be.  You never really can pinpoint when someone migrates from casual acquaintance to good friend.  Each and every one of my friendships is special, but there a several things particularly unique about my friendship […]

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On the Eve of Kindergarten Graduation

It’s hard to believe kindergarten graduation is already upon us.  While it won’t be your first graduation (that was for pre-K!), or last, when a grade level turns from names to numbers, it’s a big step.  This evening, I’m doing that “emotional mom” thing.  Frankly, I am considering giving the box of tissues next to […]

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Summer Vacation is Expensive: Your Guide to a Discount-Friendly Summer!

Summertime – warm weather, longer days, and the familiar cries of “Mom, Dad!  We’re bored!!” With that battle cry, parents everywhere shake their heads in disbelief that their kids can’t find anything to do with their 832 million toys.  But, let’s face it — the kids can only run through the sprinkler so many times before […]

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Your Only Child Will Be Okay

Dear mom of the only child, Whether you have one child or a dozen children, family size is a very personal decision.  Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of the following when people explain why they do not want an only child: “I want to have another child because my son/daughter … ….should have a playmate. […]

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