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The Pros and Cons of Autumn

I have lived in the Northeast for much of  my life, and one of the things I love most is autumn.  Even though it means shorter days and colder weather, I enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds of the season.  The changing of leaves and the crackling sound they make when you step on them.  […]

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letter to my tween daughter Providence Moms Blog

Letter to My Tween Daughter

Dear Miss J, You may have noticed that I give you a lot of advice.  I feel it is my job to share my life experiences with you and help you make good and informed decisions.  As a realist, I also know that like generations of teens and tweens before you, you will likely ignore […]

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raising native rhode islanders providence moms blog

Raising Rhode Islanders

“Mommy, where’s the bubbler?” My daughter and I were at the mall a few years ago and she asked me about a bubbler.  I assume I gave her that deer in headlights look because it was followed up with, “Mommy, I am thirsty and I need the bubbler!”  Now I had a little more of […]

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Providence Moms Blog worst-case scenario hand book

My Worst-Case Scenario Handbook

Years ago, I discovered The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook.  This series of books reviewed how to land a plane, survive a killer bee attack, and other extreme situations.  However, at its root is the desire to know how to get yourself and those you love out of unpleasant and occasionally dangerous circumstances.  This has been […]

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Fun local road trip RI Providence moms blog

Getting Out of Dodge: Fun Overnight Road Trips Near RI

When winter finally rolls out of town (this year around Mother’s Day), my family develops a bit of wanderlust.  After being cooped up like hibernating bears, we enjoy taking a road trip.  Every year we take a one week family vacation, but we are also big fans of overnight excursions.  There are certain criteria – […]

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dining out kids Providence Moms Blog

Dining Out with Kids – Oh the Places You Should Go

In my last post, I shared some lessons (some learned the hard way) for how to make dining out with your kids a reasonably pleasant experience.  I promised a list of kid-friendly restaurants.  Before I get into the list, I should note a few things.  I did not include fast food or chain restaurants (small […]

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dining out kids restaurant Providence Moms Blog

Dining Out With Kids

 All right, I need a show of hands.  How many people enjoy going out to a restaurant with their kids?  Anyone? Anyone? Bueller…? Going out for a meal with your family can be pleasant and uneventful, or it can be an experience of elevated blood pressure, raised voices, and headaches – all before the bread […]

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