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win at black Friday Providence Moms Blog

How to *Win* at Black Friday Shopping

Attention, Ladies Who Work WAY Too Hard on Thanksgiving: Please practice the following in the mirror daily until it rolls off your tongue and is delivered with plausible believe-ability: “I just *have* to get to Kohl’s RIGHT when they open at 6:00 tonight! So, husband-of-mine, oh-love-of-my-life, I can’t POSSIBLY clean up all the Thanksgiving leftovers. […]

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toddler infant zoo 30 million easy steps banana peel Providence Moms Blog

How to Take a Toddler and an Infant to the Zoo in 30 (Million) Easy Steps

Or: A Tale of Two Banana Peels Mentally switch today’s plans from doctor appointment to zoo trip with friends since you forgot to schedule a babysitter. Inform toddler of zoo trip. Call to reschedule doctor appointment. Receive text from mother asking what time she should come over to babysit. Realize you must have asked mother […]

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photographs mom vampire Providence Moms Blog

My Mom is a Vampire

  My mom is a vampire. All of the evidence is stacked against her. After 30 years of investigation, I’m finally ready to present my case: Exhibit A: She doesn’t appear in any photographs.  Exhibit B:She keeps celebrating her 35th birthday over and over again.  Exhibit C: Her cat is the feline (and female) incarnation […]

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holiday photos ten easy steps Providence Moms Blog

Holiday Photos in 10 Easy Steps

Find a photographer in September. No seriously; that’s when they book for holiday sessions. Crazy, I know. Spend hours on Pinterest finding the perfect color pallet for your family to wear. Who’s a winter, who’s an autumn, and will this color clash with their eyes? Pin 100 photos of well put together families frolicking around […]

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