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Are You Still Fun, Mom?

Are you fun? I used to be fun. Or at least in my mind I was fun. But since I have become a mother…no, allow me to correct that: since I have become a 40-something mother of teens, things have changed. I used to go out and have a few drinks with my husband and […]

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Mom, I’m Going Outside

When I was in college, a professor commented that she could tell when it was spring because all of us walked around like moles who were exposed to sunlight for the first time in months. I think about this every year around this time when my kids pull away from the X-Box, put down the […]

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Our Children, Ourselves (Unless We Have Something To Say About It)

In preparation for the arrival of our first child, my husband and I recently took inventory. Not of car seats or onesies but of our own, less desirable personality traits. What characteristics of ours would our darling offspring be better off not inheriting? When she leaves for college it’d be nice if—unlike my husband—she answers […]

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