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Goodbye, Cable!

We pulled the plug on cable television just a few short months ago. Our bill had been inching its way to the $200+ range, and it was just too much. From a financial perspective, we probably could have made it work, but it was the principle of sending the check each month that eventually pushed […]

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I’m Trying to Savor…

You’ve been here for a month, my sweet baby girl. How has it gone by so fast. I look at your perfect little face and I wonder, am I holding you enough? I had to do the dishes, to feed your brothers, to take a shower, and I wonder what I missed when I put […]

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Thoughts During Labor and Delivery Class

Is there really a way to prepare for a human person exiting your body? I don’t think so. In fact, I even questioned attending the Labor and Delivery class being offered by Women’s and Infants.  I know we all poop on the table. Maybe that’s enough information. However, my husband is a strong believer in […]

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