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Sunday Thanksgiving Trinity Rep Providence Moms Blog

The Sunday Before Thanksgiving

We are thrilled to Partner with Trinity Rep this Holiday Season to bring you our favorite Holiday Traditions. I am from a very large, very loud, Italian-American family. Growing up, we celebrated two holidays, Christmas Eve and The Sunday Before Thanksgiving. Christmas Eve comes with the territory. Any Italian worth her Parm knows Christmas Eve is […]

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Christmas Tree Early Providence Moms Blog

Can I Put the Christmas Tree Up Yet?

It’s November 1st, the morning after another chaotic but fun filled Halloween. It’s cooler this morning, and the sky looks grayer. Winter is on the horizon. I put my old maternity sweater around my shoulders, slide on my furry knee high slippers boots, and I get to work taking down the skeletons, pumpkins, witches, and […]

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guns playdates providence moms blog

Guns and Playdates {Guest Post}

I have one question I always ask before a playdate with new friends: “Are there guns in the home?” If the answer is “yes,” my follow up question is, “are the guns locked up?” Because the one time I didn’t ask my friend, she casually mentioned “my husband keeps a loaded gun in our nightstand,” […]

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toddler infant zoo 30 million easy steps banana peel Providence Moms Blog

How to Take a Toddler and an Infant to the Zoo in 30 (Million) Easy Steps

Or: A Tale of Two Banana Peels Mentally switch today’s plans from doctor appointment to zoo trip with friends since you forgot to schedule a babysitter. Inform toddler of zoo trip. Call to reschedule doctor appointment. Receive text from mother asking what time she should come over to babysit. Realize you must have asked mother […]

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