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The Kissing Hand Baby Grows Up Providence Moms Blog

The Kissing Hand: When Your Baby Grows Up

When my oldest daughter was in preschool, we religiously read the book “The Kissing Hand”  by Audrey Penn.  If you haven’t read it with your little one, it’s about a raccoon named Chester who is afraid to go to school and be away from his mother.  To allay his fears, Chester’s mother talk to him […]

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keeping score who really wins Providence Moms Blog

Keeping Score: Which Parent Really Wins?

Camping this summer… Me: Hey, did you get Bean’s shoes? Husband: No, I’m taking pictures of this cool bug. Me: (visible eye roll complete with dramatic sigh) Husband: What have YOU done? (grinning sheepishly) Me: Oh you know: packed all the swim stuff, dressed both girls, sun screened both girls, and now I’m on my […]

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screen-less summer screen free time Providence Moms Blog

How Our Screen-Free Summer REALLY Went…

I don’t know how exactly it happened, but it did. My 3 boisterous boys were sitting still and quietly. Normally this sight should make me jump for joy, but not today. Today it broke my heart. Their sitting nicely and quietly wasn’t some new discipline technique I was trying. My boys had morphed. They had […]

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