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Why Inclusion Matters: Exploring The Grace School

We are thrilled that through our partnership, PMB is able to share with our readers more about The Grace School.At first mention, “Meeting Street” brings to mind images of the Meeting Street Telethon or the amazing work that Meeting Street does to teach, assist, and empower children with special needs. But one of Meeting Street’s […]

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toddler infant zoo 30 million easy steps banana peel Providence Moms Blog

How to Take a Toddler and an Infant to the Zoo in 30 (Million) Easy Steps

Or: A Tale of Two Banana Peels Mentally switch today’s plans from doctor appointment to zoo trip with friends since you forgot to schedule a babysitter. Inform toddler of zoo trip. Call to reschedule doctor appointment. Receive text from mother asking what time she should come over to babysit. Realize you must have asked mother […]

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ghosts fear Halloween Providence Moms Blog

The Ghosts I Fear At Halloween

My son at the age of four is just getting into Halloween. Realizing he can dress up and walk around our neighborhood asking for candy is amazing, and he is totally stoked about this year’s adventure. My almost-two-year-old daughter is still a little too young to get it, but if my son is excited about […]

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photographs mom vampire Providence Moms Blog

My Mom is a Vampire

  My mom is a vampire. All of the evidence is stacked against her. After 30 years of investigation, I’m finally ready to present my case: Exhibit A: She doesn’t appear in any photographs.  Exhibit B:She keeps celebrating her 35th birthday over and over again.  Exhibit C: Her cat is the feline (and female) incarnation […]

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