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Lessons From My Preschooler

“Understanding is a two-way street” -Eleanor Roosevelt Motherhood is amazing, isn’t it? You are blessed with these little people and it’s your job to raise them. You do your best to teach them right from wrong, give them a safe space to process emotions, and love them unconditionally. Surprisingly, they teach you more than you […]

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I remember infertility Providence Moms Blog

I Remember…

To the woman who wishes to be a mama,  I know that you never imagined that getting pregnant would  be this hard. I know that you never thought that it would consume every waking moment or that you would exhaust every possible outlet to make it happen. I also know that my story will not bring […]

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character traits children Providence Moms Blog

Our Children, Ourselves (Unless We Have Something To Say About It)

In preparation for the arrival of our first child, my husband and I recently took inventory. Not of car seats or onesies but of our own, less desirable personality traits. What characteristics of ours would our darling offspring be better off not inheriting? When she leaves for college it’d be nice if—unlike my husband—she answers […]

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Top 3 Places To Explore Outdoors With Kids

Get Outside! With spring weather just around the corner, it’s time to start finding places to explore outdoors with your kiddos. Warm weather is such a breath of fresh air after a winter full of indoor activities and crafts. Let that wanderlust take the lead and get outside! When my family and I moved to Rhode Island, […]

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Birthday gift creativity Providence Moms Blog

Top Five Birthday Gift Ideas to Inspire Creativity

Birthdays…they happen every day. But you don’t quite realize how frequent they are until you have kids and they get invited to birthday parties almost every weekend. So here are my top five suggestions for meaningful gifts that can spark creativity and experiential learning. To encourage creativity and literacy in the kitchen, try FRED Letter Pressed Cookie Cutters (Alphabet and […]

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Trio of Local Moms Launch Providence Moms Blog

Trio of Local Moms Launch Providence Moms Blog Friends creating a community for local moms both on and off line April 18, 2017 PROVIDENCE, R.I. Motivated to build a strong community of moms in the Providence area, three local women are launching Providence Moms Blog on April 18, 2017. Under the ownership of Brooke Rainville, […]

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Flash Giveaways

Here is the guide to our Launch week (and beyond) giveaways! You can enter to win as many as you like on our Facebook page, each giveaway will run for 24 hours, and a new one will be posted each day. Be sure to ‘LIKE’ our page so you don't miss your chance to win! Roger Williams [...]
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