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Are You Still Fun, Mom?

Are you fun? I used to be fun. Or at least in my mind I was fun. But since I have become a mother…no, allow me to correct that: since I have become a 40-something mother of teens, things have changed. I used to go out and have a few drinks with my husband and […]

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End the Food Fights

I’m a grandmother, but I don’t give a lot of advice. Not much that I did with my own kids ever worked. But there is one area where I succeeded. This would be the food fights.  I never had them with my kids. I generally say that this was because I listened to the ‘experts’ […]

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Dining Out with Kids – Oh the Places You Should Go

In my last post, I shared some lessons (some learned the hard way) for how to make dining out with your kids a reasonably pleasant experience.  I promised a list of kid-friendly restaurants.  Before I get into the list, I should note a few things.  I did not include fast food or chain restaurants (small […]

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