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The Pain Never Fades: My Story of Abuse

Emily jumped up onto Noah and threw her legs around him; he supported her weight effortlessly. We all smiled. Laughed a little. They were adorable.  My nephew Noah was a freshman football player. Emily, a family friend, was 6 years old.  I envied the simple, straightforward innocence. Emily looked up to Noah. He probably thought […]

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woman lying face down on cracked ground Providence moms Blog

Shhh…Don’t Tell My Kid I’m Bad At Failing!

We are supposed to teach our kids that failing is how you learn. And I do tell my 8 year old this a lot. He is smart, so school subjects have come easily. Sports don’t always. Games don’t always. Life skills don’t always. And it frustrates him. He likes to try things. And when he […]

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Do you VUDU?

Do you VUDU? If your response is that you aren’t sure what VUDU is, then be prepared for me to make your life a little easier! Parenting is hard so sometimes. It’s the little life hacks that we fixate on and feel the need to share with the world. For me, that small thing was […]

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How to Celebrate Our Grandparents

What? A national holiday to celebrate a grandparent? Is this another commercialized marketing scheme? I sure was skeptical at first until I dug deeper. Then I realized: this is truly an important day and a nationalized holiday. Digging Into History A woman named Marian McQuade made it her goal to educate youth in her community […]

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