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People keep telling me it's an _Awful Awful_ but it tastes great to me!

Rhode Island Kid Problems

It may be a small state, but Rhode Island kids have some big problems. We go off to college and suddenly learn that other states have more than one area code (and they have to use area codes to dial IN STATE?!?), we hear the jingle of a truck and our friends look at us […]

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Finding Grandeur in the Little Things

I got the text at 7:47 a.m. on a raw January morning—it was my best friend passing along a link. She didn’t say anything about it; she just gently placed it in my text message inbox and carried on with her day. I thought nothing of it and went on with my day until I […]

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PMB Weekly Event RoundUp {January 14-January 21}

  We hope you got outside with the kiddos this past week, because the cold is on it’s way back!  Next Saturday Come Play! at the Gordon School offers a great opportunity to get out and about, but also stay inside and warm! We’re looking forward to learning more about their school and hope to see […]

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