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Grief: Saying Good-Bye When You’re “Not That Close”

  “Were you two close?” I’ve asked this when friends have experienced a loss, but I never realized it was a loaded gun until now. If you answer, “yes,” well okay, you’re allowed to grieve. People encourage it even. When the answer is “not really,” this well-meaning inquiry becomes a quick way of dismissing someone’s […]

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The Great Princess Debate

Like every great debate, there are two sides. I’ve heard the statement “please don’t call my daughter a princess” from a few friends/family members. Before having a daughter I never gave the issue much thought. When my daughter was very young I found myself conflicted while introducing her to Disney movies.  At the same time, […]

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4 Accidental Workouts for the Summer Mama

When the temperature soars, it’s nearly impossible to motivate myself to exercise, despite my promise to myself that my daily summer schedule was “cook something, clean something, and exercise.” However,  I recently discovered four workouts by accident. Who says exercise has to be planned or traditional, right? Right! 1: Drain the inflatable pool.  This $20 […]

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