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Redo Your Toddler’s Room In 30 Easy Steps!

Realize that your third child’s room is still basically the former office/playroom with a changing table and some of her clothes in it, and she just turned 2. Debate if you should redo it. Decide you must give her a properly decorated bedroom, including repainting the walls and the ceiling and buying a larger rug […]

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Mamas, We Can’t Keep Them Safe On Our Own

“What’s my job?” I have asked my kids, 1,435,872 times by now. “To keep me safe,” they have answered, each and every time. From their perspective, at their ages, this is what I want them to believe. I want them to believe that their safety and security in this world is assured by the efforts […]

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Let’s Talk About Sex! (Really? Right Here In The Car, Right Now?!?)

One thing I can guarantee about parenting is that The Good Timing Fairy is rarely going to grace you with her presence. On the contrary, The Bad Timing Fairy will often swoop in, bringing vomiting children the night before your important professional presentation, an abrupt end to Paw Patrol obsessiveness the week before the Pinterest-perfect […]

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