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boys jumping into kiddie pool Providence Moms Blog

Backyard Water Fun Activities

It’s officially summer! As romantic as that sounds, every parent knows what that really means: kids with lots of energy who need a way to have fun and cool down. No budget for an in-ground pool or to take them to a water park every day? Here are a few fun (and cheap!) ideas to […]

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mom tribe Providence Moms Blog

Wanted: Mom Tribe

Remember that feeling in middle school, when you were new to a class and you stood to the side and watched a group of girls who had been friends forever?  Should you say hi? Should you just stay quiet and wait for them to come to you? Do they even want more friends in their […]

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Munroe Dairy Home Delivery Providence Moms Blog

Why I Love Munroe Dairy Home Delivery

Providence Moms Blog is so excited to provide this review of their home delivery service through our partnership with Munroe Dairy!“Mom!” my daughter yells to me, standing on a chair so she can see out our front window. “You have to come look at this’s…it’s a COW!” My husband and I laugh, but we’re […]

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Bye Bye Binkie!

      “Bye, bye binkie, binkie bye-bye!” Elmo’s song came through the iPad. My daughter stayed locked in, but quietly shook her head at it. It was as if she was saying, “Elmo, I like you, we’ve gotten along great so far, but I kindly disagree.” We had been talking about it for weeks. […]

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Mom's Weekend Away Providence Moms Blog

Coping With Guilt: Mom’s Weekend Away

My husband and I got married young. Having been together for 8 years before we got married at the ripe old age of 23 meant we had grown up together. We also had a lot of growing up to do. We decided early on to wait to have children. For us, we spent those years […]

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