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The Pain Never Fades: My Story of Abuse

Emily jumped up onto Noah and threw her legs around him; he supported her weight effortlessly. We all smiled. Laughed a little. They were adorable.  My nephew Noah was a freshman football player. Emily, a family friend, was 6 years old.  I envied the simple, straightforward innocence. Emily looked up to Noah. He probably thought […]

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I Survived: the Story of My Cancer Diagnosis

“And I’m alive And I don’t need a witness To know that I survived I’m not looking for forgiveness I just need light I need light in the dark as I search for the resolution.” I hear these words being sung as I stand at the Andrew McMahon concert and it echoes in my head: […]

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3 Tips for Getting Enough Rest Without Feeling Guilty

As a pregnant entrepreneur preparing for maternity leave, my to-do list has grown exponentially since becoming pregnant. The irony of it is that I should really be giving myself more breaks and time to rest now to help the baby grow and to prepare for the baby’s arrival. Every wellness coach, doctor, and therapist will […]

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festival ballet Brenna

An Interview with Festival Ballet’s Brenna DiFrancesco

Enjoy this guest post from our friends at Festival Ballet! Everything is beautiful at the ballet. Well, except for a terrible tantrum from an overtired two-year-old during Act II. We know that exposing our little ones to live performance art like ballet expands creativity, encourages freedom of expression, and offers a sneaky dose of historical […]

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Guns and Playdates {Guest Post}

I have one question I always ask before a playdate with new friends: “Are there guns in the home?” If the answer is “yes,” my follow up question is, “are the guns locked up?” Because the one time I didn’t ask my friend, she casually mentioned “my husband keeps a loaded gun in our nightstand,” […]

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