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My Path to a Minimalist Christmas

I’ve stopped hating Christmas. One of the first articles I ever wrote was titled “Just Say No to Christmas.” In it, I remembered how I had just wanted to cry while reading a ‘humorous’ article about Christmas and mothers. About Christmas with children. About cards, decorating, presents, and parties. About surprise requests for presents, from […]

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Camping: Then and Now

Camping: Then and NowWe all sat around the campfire checking our phones. (Well, now, not then.) Then, which was about 50 years ago, my maiden aunt took me and my younger brother, ages 8 and 6, on our very first camping trip. He had a slight fever, just about 100. “Don’t cancel!” My mother exclaimed. “Just put […]

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Then Versus Now: Free Range Or Zoo?

My daughter asked me to write a post titled “Then Versus Now” about the differences between rearing children today and 30 years ago.  But the thing is, I don’t think I reared my children much differently. I mean, there were superficial differences. I didn’t ignore my kids using an iPhone; I used a real book. […]

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Evil Grandmother Fantasies Providence Moms Blog

Evil Grandmother Fantasies

There she stands, slightly plump, and oozing cookie dough. She always volunteers to take the grandchildren; she never comments on their clothes or appearance; and at the end of the day, she assures you that the little darlings all behaved just wonderfully. She’s the picture perfect grandmother, and she always knows just the right thing […]

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End the Food Fights

I’m a grandmother, but I don’t give a lot of advice. Not much that I did with my own kids ever worked. But there is one area where I succeeded. This would be the food fights.  I never had them with my kids. I generally say that this was because I listened to the ‘experts’ […]

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Forever Young

I thought that being young was just who I was, like my brown hair and hazel eyes. After all, I was the girl who could ride her bike around corners with no hands. I could twirl around the uneven bars, first try. I climbed all the trees faster and higher. Later, I could do anything […]

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Mother’s Day: the Year After

I dreamed that my mother was talking to me. She wasn’t saying  anything of consequence. I think she was recommending some type of  insurance. This wasn’t unusual. My mother was an intensely practical  person. She was impatient with talk of philosophy or religion or politics. She put her faith in everyday competence and real things.  Most […]

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