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How DO People Have More than One Kid?

Photo credit: Haven Photography   People keep asking me, “So when are you having the next one?” “Do you want more?” even the nurse as I was leaving the hospital, “I’ll see you back for his sibling!”  No. I can’t do it. I can barely manage one. This is normal for a mom of […]

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intentions not resolutions Providence Moms Blog

Setting Intentions, Not Resolutions in 2018

What’s your New Year’s resolution?? It’s a common question you hear, and probably even ask, toward the end of December or early January. What is that relatively empty promise you made yourself to either stop or start doing something? Year after year, it’s the same old story: I’ll start exercising, I’ll eat healthy, I’ll save […]

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self-care selfish Providence Moms Blog

Self-Care or Selfish?

Visualize your internal list, that list of who or what is important… where are you on that list? For many of us we are at the bottom, or pretty close to it. We are constantly putting others’ needs and wants above our own. And this goes far beyond being a mother or even a wife. […]

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nap struggle real Providence Moms Blog

The Naptime Struggle is Real

Why. Won’t. You. Nap?! I just don’t get it. The second I think I have any handle or control of naptime, he goes and switches it up on me. He follows a routine just long enough to lure me into thinking that I can actually count on some time to myself (time to myself: laundry, […]

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good mom Providence Moms Blog

I’m a Good Mom, Right?

What is a good mom? How exactly do you define what makes someone a good mom? Am I a good mom? I find myself asking myself that question on a daily basis. What have I done today that would make me a good mom? Who even decides? We are living in a time where there […]

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