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I Am Enough: Now to Believe it

One of the most difficult aspects of motherhood is the feeling of not being good enough. Maybe it’s that I feel that I always have something to prove. Or maybe its that I feel there is some invisible standard that I am trying to live up to.  I basically want it all.  There is this […]

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Spring, Can You Come Now (Please?)!

Spring, are you out there? I hate winter. I know that there are some people who love it (and by all means, please enjoy it to its fullest), but I am over it. At this point, I could do without the eighty bags I now need to carry full of shoes to change into, coats […]

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Keeping Score: Which Parent Really Wins?

Camping this summer… Me: Hey, did you get Bean’s shoes? Husband: No, I’m taking pictures of this cool bug. Me: (visible eye roll complete with dramatic sigh) Husband: What have YOU done? (grinning sheepishly) Me: Oh you know: packed all the swim stuff, dressed both girls, sun screened both girls, and now I’m on my […]

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