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They Only Get One Life…But So Do You

I’ve really been struggling lately with mixed messages. Everywhere I turn, I’m bombarded with messages along the lines of “Today is the only today you’ll ever get–make it count,” and “This is your journey, live your best life.” It’s on everyone’s Instagram, the cover of my journal, and all the workout shirts I just bought […]

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Gymnastics: Can It Ever Be Safe for Girls?

On Sunday night I watched the Dateline special about Larry Nassar and the sexual abuse that occurred for years with USA Gymnastics. I watched this interview more closely than I followed the story as a whole because it was filmed at the Karolyi Ranch in Houston, and featured interviews with both Bela and Marta Karolyi. […]

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How to *Win* at Black Friday Shopping

Attention, Ladies Who Work WAY Too Hard on Thanksgiving: Please practice the following in the mirror daily until it rolls off your tongue and is delivered with plausible believe-ability: “I just *have* to get to Kohl’s RIGHT when they open at 6:00 tonight! So, husband-of-mine, oh-love-of-my-life, I can’t POSSIBLY clean up all the Thanksgiving leftovers. […]

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