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Readers Share: Most Embarrassing MOMents

Do you guys remember YM Magazine? Although it has been out of publication for almost 15 years now, I still think about those afternoons I spent in the school library thumbing through the latest issue. My absolute favorite part of YM Magazine was where readers wrote in and shared their most embarrassing moments. Usually, entries […]

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Type B Mom, Type A Kid

It was a typical weekday morning as a mom with 2 kids, 2 and under. I was fixing my coffee with one hand while trying to soothe my teething 7-month-old with the other. Clanking the spoon against the mug served as the background music to my shrieking red-faced little boy. I bounced him on my […]

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Are You Really Ready to Potty-Train?

  17,100,000. If you type “potty training” in the Google search bar, you get over 17 MILLION results. Want to know why? Because it’s the most confusing and frustrating part of parenting a toddler. Not only that, but NO ONE knows what they are doing. Sure, there are people who train their kids in a […]

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day Providence Moms Blog

Raising Kids To Be Like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

It started with a letter to a newspaper editor. In August of 1946, King, a college student at the time, couldn’t stay silent. Something provoked him to act, to write a letter to the editor of the largest newspaper in Atlanta. In that letter, King wrote, “We want and are entitled to the basic rights […]

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On Mom Tribes and Diversity

  Writing or talking about the race issues that are going on in our country is really difficult for me. Between senseless shootings, the Ku Klux Klan marching, and things I have experienced as a biracial woman in America, it’s just all too much. There is so much emotion that I am afraid tap in […]

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Holidays and Pinterest and Comparison, Oh My!

Well folks, the holiday season has officially begun. Everyone’s brilliant Halloween costumes flooded my social media pages this weekend and will continue to until Wednesday. Soon after, Pinterest will explode with delicious recipes for Thanksgiving meals and beautiful decor to match.  As a stay at home mom, the pressure I feel to make our house […]

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