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surfers healing waves autism awareness day Providence Moms Blog

Helping Families Ride the Waves of Autism

What do you get if you take 200 kids with autism, two handfuls of professional surfers, a few dozen boxes of Allie’s donuts, and serve it all up on a chilly September morning? One perfect day, made possible by Surfers Healing, a non-profit organization whose mission is “ to enrich the lives of people living with autism by […]

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Black History Rhode Island Providence Moms Blog

Black History in the Rhode

Raising kids in a historically rich setting like Rhode Island offers unique opportunities. In honor of Black History Month, I want to encourage us to take advantage of all that local history and share it with our kids. Most of them will learn about Harriet Tubman, the Emancipation Proclamation, and George Washington Carver this month, but […]

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Why You Need a Budget

I like to say that I’m ‘not super organized.’  It sounds better than, ‘I’m a whirlwind of disorder and chaos.’  I am a beautiful land-mermaid who paints with all the colors of the wind, but I cannot find my car keys…or my cellphone…or my hairbrush. I’m also not a numbers girl. Math and I are friends, […]

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Sunday Thanksgiving Trinity Rep Providence Moms Blog

The Sunday Before Thanksgiving

We are thrilled to Partner with Trinity Rep this Holiday Season to bring you our favorite Holiday Traditions. I am from a very large, very loud, Italian-American family. Growing up, we celebrated two holidays, Christmas Eve and The Sunday Before Thanksgiving. Christmas Eve comes with the territory. Any Italian worth her Parm knows Christmas Eve is […]

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photographs mom vampire Providence Moms Blog

My Mom is a Vampire

  My mom is a vampire. All of the evidence is stacked against her. After 30 years of investigation, I’m finally ready to present my case: Exhibit A: She doesn’t appear in any photographs.  Exhibit B:She keeps celebrating her 35th birthday over and over again.  Exhibit C: Her cat is the feline (and female) incarnation […]

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abuse Providence Moms Blog

What I Wish We Had Known About Abuse

  I honestly don’t know where to start. A statistic? Every minute, twenty Americans become victims of physical abuse by an intimate partner. A reference to the wide-spread acceptance of glorifying stalking in movies if the stalker is rich, attractive, or a sparkly vampire? Maybe the blatant acceptance of Floyd Mayweather and his history of domestic violence […]

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