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A New Year, Still “Just” Me

As much as we may try to deny it, 2018’s arrival is approaching blisteringly fast. With that comes the influx of gym, new car, financial planning, and travel advertisements.  Turn on the TV, check Facebook, or open your favorite celebrity magazine and “A new year, a new you!” bombards us from every corner. Look, I’m […]

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Mammogram Experience Providence Moms Blog

The Big Squish: My First Mammogram Experience

Over the years I’ve impressed some doctors with comprehensive knowledge of my family’s medical history. However, whenever I’ve uttered that my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer at 39 years old, I get “the look.”  The “wow-that-was-young” look. My grandmother thankfully survived her cancer ordeal.  But in the early 1960s, folks did not openly discuss […]

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Las Vegas It Shouldn't Be Like This Providence Moms Blog

In Response to Las Vegas: It Shouldn’t Be Like This

This morning I awoke to the horrible news of the mass shooting in Las Vegas in which, at the time of writing this, 58 individuals were killed and over 500 injured.   It shouldn’t be like this. Just hours ago, those 50 individuals excitedly departed their homes and their families to attend a concert.  It […]

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emotions hopes fears raising deep feeling child Providence Moms Blog

The Fears and Hopes of Raising a Deep-Feeling Child

From the moment he arrived, my younger son made it clear he was his own person.   We discovered his dimples within hours of birth, when he did that subconscious newborn smiling thing.  When he started smiling with purpose, they were big, toothless smiles.  His giggles were infectious, and became more boisterous as he grew. […]

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