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How To Make the Transition to Summertime

Every year around this time, a subtle shift starts to take place in my house. The sun is rising earlier and setting later, short sleeve shirts become the norm, and fruits and vegetables that are not frozen start to make more frequent appearances. The countdown to the end of the school year begins and plans […]

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What is the “Perfect” Sibling Age Gap?

Over the years I have read lots of articles about the “perfect” age gap between children. What I have learned from the copious numbers of theories is that there is no one answer. For every expert who says to have kids close together, there are two who say that you should space them out a […]

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Hanukkah Providence Moms Blog

Hanukkah Traditions Past and Present

When I was growing up, Hanukkah was one of my favorite holidays. It was the one that involved family, presents, and food and did not entail spending 2+ hours at synagogue. I always thought of it as the underdog of winter holidays. Though I appreciated and enjoyed Christmas, it was easy to get overwhelmed by […]

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The Picky Eater Predicament

Okay – quick poll everyone.  Clap your hands if your kids are thrilled to eat what you make for dinner every night.  Is the sound of silence I hear?  Every mom has experienced the challenge of living with a picky eater, whether it is for a few days, months or, in my case, going on […]

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