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Keep Us From Dying: Black Maternal Health Awareness

Black maternal health week. BLACK maternal health week. Black MATERNAL health week… I will NOT capitalize the word health because we BLACK MATRONS don’t have any health to spare for that. The experts have weighed in and the studies have been conducted to make what WE have known for eons an “evidenced-based public health fact.” A […]

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The Worst Advice We Give Parents

Well-meaning older relatives give us this advice. It’s written on glossy pamphlets meant to help. Signs on the walls of the pediatrician’s office compel us. It’s definitely in the “don’t shake the baby” video they make you watch at the hospital. “When you get frustrated, take a deep breath, walk away and count to ten.” […]

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WANTED: A Baby-Sitter (So I Can Get A Seat At The Table)

Dear community organization, delagate task force, coalition, board committee, legislative discussion,  and/or panel and planning chairperson, I am here! I have implementable ideas to make your business, our laws, and my community better! If you could just provide an after school pick up, paid time off so I can afford daycare, meal prep service since […]

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The Eve of Three

  As parents, we’re told how time will fly when we bring our babies home. It never seems real until you’re standing in the party aisle trying to find Paw Patrol plates for your baby’s 3rd birthday. Soon my baby, possibly my last baby, will turn three. While she is still our snuggly girl, she […]

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How DO People Have More than One Kid?

Photo credit: Haven Photography   People keep asking me, “So when are you having the next one?” “Do you want more?” even the nurse as I was leaving the hospital, “I’ll see you back for his sibling!”  No. I can’t do it. I can barely manage one. This is normal for a mom of […]

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