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Can You Handle an Arctic April?

Have you had it with the cold weather? Spring-time snowstorms? Are you done with shoveling? Farch was not fun. (Farch: When March feels more like February). And I’m definitely not looking forward to an Arctic April. Maybe May will be better and not so bitter. The other morning, I walked outside wearing more layers than […]

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shutterbug syndrome film pictures Providence Moms Blog

Shutterbug Syndrome: Why I Take So Many Pictures

How many pictures do you have on your phone? Well, I ‘m creeping ever so close to the 13,000 picture mark on my phone. No exaggeration.  Thank goodness for cloud accounts and bigger storage cards.  I have fully come to terms that I am “snap-happy.” Even my kids know the drill.  That doesn’t mean they cooperate […]

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bathroom things do now mom seven Providence Moms Blog

7 Things I Do Now that I’m a Mom

So many things change when you become a parent. Your daily routine is just the tip of the iceberg. I realized recently that I have morphed into a new version of myself, sometimes exhibiting strange behaviors.  I don’t where or when I picked up these habits. But I did so nonetheless. Here are 7 things […]

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potty train Providence Moms Blog

Are You Really Ready to Potty-Train?

  17,100,000. If you type “potty training” in the Google search bar, you get over 17 MILLION results. Want to know why? Because it’s the most confusing and frustrating part of parenting a toddler. Not only that, but NO ONE knows what they are doing. Sure, there are people who train their kids in a […]

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People keep telling me it's an _Awful Awful_ but it tastes great to me!

Rhode Island Kid Problems

It may be a small state, but Rhode Island kids have some big problems. We go off to college and suddenly learn that other states have more than one area code (and they have to use area codes to dial IN STATE?!?), we hear the jingle of a truck and our friends look at us […]

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