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Holiday Photos in 10 Easy Steps

Find a photographer in September. No seriously; that’s when they book for holiday sessions. Crazy, I know. Spend hours on Pinterest finding the perfect color pallet for your family to wear. Who’s a winter, who’s an autumn, and will this color clash with their eyes? Pin 100 photos of well put together families frolicking around […]

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Halloween: Cute and Scary

Every year as Halloween approaches, I can barely contain myself. Forget Thanksgiving, THIS is where the holiday season begins. For as long as I can remember I have always had a fascination with the spooky and the gory, the things that go bump in the night. From the first time I was introduced to A […]

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camping then now Providence Moms Blog

Camping: Then and Now

Camping: Then and NowWe all sat around the campfire checking our phones. (Well, now, not then.) Then, which was about 50 years ago, my maiden aunt took me and my younger brother, ages 8 and 6, on our very first camping trip. He had a slight fever, just about 100. “Don’t cancel!” My mother exclaimed. “Just put […]

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raising native rhode islanders providence moms blog

Raising Rhode Islanders

“Mommy, where’s the bubbler?” My daughter and I were at the mall a few years ago and she asked me about a bubbler.  I assume I gave her that deer in headlights look because it was followed up with, “Mommy, I am thirsty and I need the bubbler!”  Now I had a little more of […]

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