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Taking a Road Trip With Littles

What? A 13-hour road trip with a 3-year-old, 2-year-old and 2-month-old!? No! I thought to myself as we booked a much-needed family trip that would take us on an adventure in our car. The trip went better than planned (minus permanently losing the car keys, but let’s not get off topic). There is a certain […]

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Five Things I’m Losing In Our Divorce

After 12 years of marriage and 16 years together, I’m calling it. I’m getting a divorce. While I understood that the decision to divorce meant that my life wouldn’t be the same, I didn’t realize how all the ways it would affect me. There are things that I’m losing now, even as we still co-habitate. […]

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How To Make the Transition to Summertime

Every year around this time, a subtle shift starts to take place in my house. The sun is rising earlier and setting later, short sleeve shirts become the norm, and fruits and vegetables that are not frozen start to make more frequent appearances. The countdown to the end of the school year begins and plans […]

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