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Dear Determined Child Providence Moms Blog

Dear Determined Child

A letter from a mama to her determined two-year-old My dear child, Thank you for making me a better person. You may not have a vocabulary of more than 30 words, but that’s okay–actions speak louder. You may also be just two years old, but there is so much you have taught me in such […]

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Bye Bye Binkie!

      “Bye, bye binkie, binkie bye-bye!” Elmo’s song came through the iPad. My daughter stayed locked in, but quietly shook her head at it. It was as if she was saying, “Elmo, I like you, we’ve gotten along great so far, but I kindly disagree.” We had been talking about it for weeks. […]

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parents used to judge Providence Moms Blog

The Parent We Used to Judge

Spoiler: it’s us.  Let me explain. My Boychild missed his first day of the fifth grade.  We were so looking forward to the new year, and Boychild couldn’t wait to see his friends. As we got closer to the school, he started complaining of a stomachache.  He was fine when we left the house–maybe a […]

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