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Sunday Thanksgiving Trinity Rep Providence Moms Blog

The Sunday Before Thanksgiving

We are thrilled to Partner with Trinity Rep this Holiday Season to bring you our favorite Holiday Traditions. I am from a very large, very loud, Italian-American family. Growing up, we celebrated two holidays, Christmas Eve and The Sunday Before Thanksgiving. Christmas Eve comes with the territory. Any Italian worth her Parm knows Christmas Eve is […]

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inclusion inclusive grace school Providence Moms Blog

Why Inclusion Matters: Exploring The Grace School

We are thrilled that through our partnership, PMB is able to share with our readers more about The Grace School.At first mention, “Meeting Street” brings to mind images of the Meeting Street Telethon or the amazing work that Meeting Street does to teach, assist, and empower children with special needs. But one of Meeting Street’s […]

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abuse Providence Moms Blog

What I Wish We Had Known About Abuse

  I honestly don’t know where to start. A statistic? Every minute, twenty Americans become victims of physical abuse by an intimate partner. A reference to the wide-spread acceptance of glorifying stalking in movies if the stalker is rich, attractive, or a sparkly vampire? Maybe the blatant acceptance of Floyd Mayweather and his history of domestic violence […]

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confession sexual violence Sojourner House Providence Moms Blog

My First Love Confession, 20 Years Later

When I was 16, I met a guy. A boy. He wasn’t a football player, he wasn’t popular, and he didn’t come from much. But all that he wasn’t somehow made him so much MORE to me. He was what every teenage girl looks for: cute, rebellious, tough, and from another town. And before long, […]

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