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The Woes of an Uncrafty Mama and Coming to Terms with Mediocrity

uncrafty mama craft mediocrity Providence Moms Blog

Ah, October, you’re here. The cool crisp air, all things pumpkin, beautiful foliage – it all sound so perfect. October, you would almost be my favorite time of the year, but there is a flaw. Over the years, you have come to mark the beginning of the of my most dreaded season: craft season. That’s right, you read that correctly. Craft season. I am sure you did not realize that there was a specific craft season, but it looms.

Let me explain. It starts with Halloween. All those adorable DIY costumes, house decor, and the never ending scary food themed posts. However, it does not end on the 31st my friends. Oh no, there is a transition to Thanksgiving. Now, we have the harvest themes, pilgrims, and cornucopias galore. Then, just when you see the end of autumn in sight, it hits – Christmas season. Suddenly, I am inundated with images of cookies, gift wrapping, and seasonal decor. How does one keep up? Just thinking about it makes me twitch.

uncrafty mama craft mediocrity Providence Moms Blog

Now, I love a good craft. Do not make me out to be Ebeneezer Scrooge here. However,  I feel like crafting has become an extreme sport and I am not really sure how to keep up. I think, deep down, everyone is really capable of crafting. After much reflecting, I have decided that there are really two things that prevent me from achieving ultimate crafting status. They are time and motivation. 

Time is pretty obvious. As parents, we all grapple with the lack of time we actually have, which is actually a paradox in itself if you think about it.  Over my past two and half years of parenthood, I am fairly certain my sleep time has been cut in half. Miraculously, I still cannot find time to get anything done even though I am clearly logging in more hours. 

Also, motivation. It may be the wrong word. You see, I am a chronic procrastinator. Over the years, I have discovered that procrastination and crafting do not necessarily go hand in hand.  For instance, DIY Halloween costumes. In theory, it should be cost effective and adorable too. However, true crafty people plan early, shop sales, and have them ready for Pre-Halloween celebrations. I, on the other hand, start late, scramble to find whatever materials match my pinned picture, and realize much later that purchasing the costume off of Etsy would have been much cheaper. Additionally, I  would have gotten more sleep because the only time I have to be crafty is after my children are asleep. 

So this year I am embracing my crafting downfalls and going on strike. That’s right, I am waving my white flag. There will be no more panic attacks or late night scrambles. I am buying my Halloween costumes. Also, when I come to your parties, my goodies will be store bought. My house will decorated, but probably not with something I designed. My friends, I am taking my autumn back and enjoying it for what it is. 

So my crafty friends, enjoy your season! I am looking forward to your creations. Fear not, I will recognize all the time, patience, and hard work you put in. I promise that will photograph and hashtag all the magnificence for all my other friends to see.  I look forward to your delicious concoctions and signature drinks. My dear crafty friends, thanks in advanced to making this season brighter!  Cheers! 

uncrafty mama craft mediocrity Providence Moms Blog


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