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Do You Make This Common Car Seat Mistake?

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Let’s face it, every mama has an area or two of parenting that she’s super anal about. Whether it’s organic foods, staying on a schedule, or bundling kids up like crazy, everyone’s got something that they feel is important enough to make a big deal out of it. For me, it’s car seat safety. Nothing terrifies me like my child being inside a big metal container hurtling 65 miles an hour down the highway. I did a lot of research to make sure I have my children in an appropriate seat, that they are installed correctly, and they are strapped in the way they should be, as do many parents.

But did you know there’s one item of clothing that your children probably wear daily in the winter that keeps them from being safely strapped into their car seat? It’s their winter jacket. Basically, puffy or long winter coats make it so there’s a ton of space between your child’s body and the car seat straps, even after you tighten them as much as possible. If you’re in an accident, all that space can mean your precious baby can hit their head on the seat in front of them, or literally FLY OUT OF THEIR CAR SEAT. So this winter, please, please find an alternative that will keep your little loves toasty warm AND safe in the car. I’ve heard people complain before that it’s too much bother to deal with this along with all the other things that we have to keep track of as parents. Of course no mom or dad wants an extra item added to their to-do list, but the safety of your favorite little people is worth it. There are plenty of solutions, from wearing a thin coat (like one made of fleece), warming up the car beforehand, or keeping blankets in the car. To find out more, check out these great resources where I got my information here, here, and here. And keep those kiddos safe!

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