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On the Road Again: A Mommy’s Thoughts While Road Tripping

At this point, we are well into summer, and I am sure many of you have ventured out on road trips.  Here is a small collection of thoughts and interactions I have had during my personal and long road trip journey: 

thoughts road tripping with kids alone Providence Moms Blog

Scene: Leaving for a 12 hour car ride, 2 year old stops short on front stairs

Me: Come on; we need to get to the car! (Holding all the things, plus the baby)

2 year old: No.

Me: We need to go!

2 year old: No.

Me: Alright, I will meet you at the car. (Slowly starts to walk away)

2 year old: NOOOOO! (Runs, trips, fall in mud)

Me: Well, this is a good sign. (Now carrying all the things, plus the baby, plus the crying, flailing toddler)

Hours One-Three:

How much did I pack? Why do we need so many things? I may need to reevaluate when we get back!

Double nap time is amazing. I can definitely survive this trip.

Did I just make it out of Connecticut without hitting traffic? I think I might have just sold my soul unknowingly. 

Shrieking — what  a glorious thing to discover for this car ride. I love milestones.


Hour Five:

We’re just going to make a quick stop and then head back on the road… 

An hour later:

I may need to redefine “quick stop” with children.

Hours Six – Eight:

Philosophical question: Is the toy worth the 20 minutes of quiet if it is followed by 20 minutes of crying because it was dropped?

2 year old:  Sing it again, Mommy!

… I hate you, Old MacDonald.

Is she singing back there? (Turns down music, slightly)

2 year old: By the way…  you do things to my body… ‘Til I tasted you.

Well, she pretty much nailed that chorus. It’s time to change the station. 

Me: Baby, do you want Old MacDonald again?

How many fruit snacks is too many fruit snacks?

Oh, Ed Sheeran, it’s you, again. I was worried, it had been a whole 20 minutes since I last heard this same song.

I downloaded things to keep my daughter busy; why didn’t I download an Audible book for myself to listen to? For the ride home, definitely. (Spoiler alert: I didn’t.  Ah, motherhood!)

Hour 8, at rest area, reading warning on changing table in bright red letters

Weight limit, 20 pounds? I know 6 month olds who weigh more than that! Who designed this! Wait, is that true for all changing tables? (Cue, panic)

2 year old: Look Mommy, a cow!!! 

Me: So cool, baby! 

 We are in Pennsylvania, this is going to get old fast!

Oh, now you’re both crying. This is delightful. 

Both girls are sleeping. I could use a coffee, but if you give a mom a coffee she is going have to use the restroom. If she needs the restroom she is going to have to stop. If she stops, she will have to take both kids out of the car. The children will wake up. If they wake up… Seriously, a circle story! I NEED another adult.

Hour 9

I need to stop, again. There is a McDonald’s off the next exit. I have food for the kids and I can get some caffeine. Not my favorite choice, but it will do.

(Pulls off exit, reads sign)

A fenced in play place. What?!

Ronald McDonald for president!

thoughts road tripping with kids alone Providence Moms Blog

Hours Ten -Twelve:

How am I still driving?  

I need wine!

Almost there, you can do this!

Oh no… I still have to have to drive home!


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