Passionate About Providence
and the Moms Who Live Here

Wannabe Minimalism; the Struggle is Real

I want to be a minimalist, to cast off all my things, but when I stopped by Pier One there was a sale on napkin rings.

I yearn to be that mom who has thrown out all her stuff, but when I take stock of my baskets I’m quite sure there aren’t enough.

Kon-Mari’s quite convincing and her method I’d employ, but no matter how you slice it, all my boots bring me joy.

I try hard to declutter, to cut down on all the noise, but grandparents, aunts, and uncles just keep buying us more toys!

My LuLaRoe addiction is getting quite absurd, but my consultant has new patterns, and clearly I need a fluorescent spotted bird!

I’m casting off the shadows of my former consumerist life, but I started with my husband’s things, which led to marital strife.

I thought my will was steady, my convictions fast and strong… but five minutes in IKEA proved that I was wrong

But, starting today I’ll do it! I’ll clear out this whole dang lot … just after one quick swing through the Target dollar spot.

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