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That Time My Kids Went Nuts at a Baseball Game: Our Fun Night at the PawSox

Many thanks to our friends at the MiLB Copa de la Diversión for helping us bring this opportunity to our local community.

Guys, I’m a complainer mom. I can complain with the best of them. I can find GOOD things to complain about. Today, I was really put to the test.

So, I’ve been meaning to go to a Paw Sox game for years with the boys. In fact, I’ve been meaning to go so long, it started when I only had one boy. But I kept forgetting, putting it off, things got in the way. Plus, I’d never gone to a baseball game before and figured it was going to be hard to park, expensive to be there and way too crowded for my introverted self.

Well, tonight I went with the boys and met a friend and her kids there. It was nothing like I imagined. I thought going to a 6pm game in Pawtucket was going to be a nightmare. I mean getting through traffic going through Providence. Nope, GPS routed me through Seekonk and back streets. Got there in under 40 minutes.

Then I thought, “parking is going to be a pain.” Well, I pulled into the parking lot and glided into my space.

Okay, okay well the line will be a pain. Keeping the kids occupied while we wait in line, UGH. But NO line. I walked up to the ticket counter, got the tickets, and had plenty of staff to direct me where to go and ushered us into the seat.

Okay, well I know that since I didn’t have time to feed the kids, I’ll have to go without paying some bill this week to feed them at the stadium. When I ordered my friend dough and their dinners and sodas (caffeine MIGHT have been a mistake here) I was surprised to hear the cashier charged me less than $25.

It was a weeknight so there were people seated around us, but it wasn’t crowded. The kids got asked to greet the team as they ran on the field. I thought it sounded cool, but apparently, my kids are TOO cool for that stuff. We also got asked to dance. They put us on the DANCE CAM! The only thing I can complain about there is my kid can’t dance. I don’t understand it. I mean, I’m practically Solid Gold LEAD Dancer material, but hey, he probably gets it from his dad.

kid at Paw Sox game with mascot Providence Moms BlogThe four kids had a blast. I thought they knew nothing about baseball. They talked (loudly) about strikes and balls and pitchers. I don’t know a whole lot about baseball, but some of it sounded good. They finally figured out a couple innings in which team to root for, so that was good.

kids at PawSox game Providence Moms BlogThe caffeine had clearly started to kick in when we started hearing stuff like “I’m afraid I’m going to vomit” (luckily the entire row in front of us was empty.) But the best part of the night was when the stadium erupted in cheers because a guy catching fly balls on the field won us all free Chick fil A!

Paw Sox game kids Providence Moms BlogWe all ate ice cream out of Paw Sox hats until the kids got absolutely crazy and then we moms called it. It was time to head home. But they clearly had fun and I even got to enjoy time with my friend. That, my friends, is a win.

MiLB Copa de la Diversión: “Copa de la Diversión,” or “Fun Cup,” is a season-long event series specifically designed to embrace the culture and values that resonate most with participating teams’ local U.S. Hispanic/Latino communities.

PawSox’s mascots “Paws” and “Sox” were introduced to fans in 1999 and 2001, respectively, and the embraceable polar bears have made lasting impressions throughout Pawtucket’s baseball-loving community. These little bears, like many immigrants, don’t speak the language (they don’t speak at all), yet their loving gestures and good deeds speak volumes to everyone in the community.

The impact of kindness the polar bear mascots instilled with children and adults throughout Rhode Island makes “Osos Polares” the perfect choice to resonate Pawtucket’s diverse community.

Which PawSox games will you be attending this year? Find the Copa de la Diversión schedule here.  



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