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Do I Have to Act Like a Mom on Mother’s Day?

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Last year, the Today Show did a study asking 6,000 women what they wanted for Mother’s Day.  The number one answer was two hours of extra sleep.  It also found that 50% of women wanted a day of peace and quiet versus a day spent with their children.  I find this surprising because I thought the number would be much higher.  Every year, my Mother’s Day struggle is that as much as I love spending time with my kids, I just want a day (or at least a few hours) where I do not need to parent them.

As a working mom, weekends are focused on family time.  However, Mother’s Day is different.  On that particular Sunday, I want nothing to do with any of the usual things I do as a mom.  I have no interest in cooking a meal.  I do not want to get up early to watch TV with them.  I will not stand around a playground.  If this is the one day of the year that celebrates motherhood, then it is my prerogative to spend it reading a book, going shopping, or going to a movie that does not have cartoon characters. Luckily, my husband is a trooper and does his best to occupy the kids for at least a portion of the day.

Even with my “no mommy activity” stance on Mother’s Day, there are a few things that I love about the day and a few pieces of advice I would give as I head into my 13th one.

  1. Homemade cards are the best gift ever.  The one thing I insist on every year is a homemade card.  I have saved every one.  I even got a hand-drawn banner one year!  I will remember and cherish these cards much longer than an I-Tunes gift card or new earrings.
  2. Dante’s Inferno talks about the 9 circles of Hell.  If there were a tenth, it would be Mother’s Day brunch.  While I always appreciate a meal out, restaurants are slammed and we have had to wait over an hour on a few occasions.  Go out to lunch or dinner the day before or get really good takeout instead.  
  3. I always remind my kids that the best gift is the gift of good behavior.  Not listening to bickering for at least a few hours is pure bliss.
  4. Celebrate your kids too.  On Mother’s Day, I like to get a little something for each of my kids.  They are the reason I get to partake in Mother’s Day; why not spread the joy around?  I have lobbied that moms should be celebrated on their kids’ birthdays. (Funny that my kids are not that into that idea).  

This year on Mother’s Day I look forward to a little rest, lots of hugs and kisses, a few presents and cards, and a chance to get some extra sleeping and reading time.  If I can make it through the day without running an errand or cooking a meal, than Happy Mother’s Day to me!

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