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CoSchedule Makes Blogging Manageable for this Mom

Ok. So clearly a review of a scheduling tool isn’t the sexiest thing to write a blog post about, but stick with me here. CoSchedule is really a little bit of a miracle if you want blogging to be even a little bit manageable. And if you’re juggling anything else (like, perhaps, motherhood?) I’d argue that it’s a must have. There are so many things to think about in running a blog and anything that takes a few of those things off my plate is worth it to me so that I can put my energy elsewhere. 

So, what exactly is CoSchedule?

The best description i’ve ever heard of CoSchedule is that it’s “the crock-pot of scheduling”, a set it and forget it tool for your blog. CoSchedule is a an all in one editorial calendar that allows you to easily plan out when you are going to schedule both your blog posts and your social media. It is fairly intuitive to use, with drag and drop features as well as color labels (I love color labels!) to keep you organized. I love being able to glance at my week and see that I have a nice balance of content pre-scheduled. CoSchedule allows you to do everything right from your blog, and integrates with WordPress, Evernote, Google Docs, Google Analytics and major social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Buffer, and even Google+ Pages.

This short video shows a bit about how Co-Schedule works. 

How do I use CoSchedule?

I have three children and work part time in addition to running this blog. I have no idea where I would find the time to do it all if it weren’t for CoSchedule. In fact, I’m not even sure I would have had the confidence to start this blog had I not been using CoSchedule in my role as Social Media Manager for another site. Once a week I sit down and schedule out the entire weeks worth of social media posts to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Our editor schedules all our original content using CoSchedule as well and can schedule it to post to our social media accounts for not only the day the post goes live, but into the future as well. This is what the calendar looks like (see how many tabs I have open? there’s a little snapshot for you into how scattered by brain is). 

I also love how CoSchedule gives you a quick and easy snapshot of your top content. 

I also just started using the CoSchedule Chrome extension… I didn’t really think CoSchedule could get better, but the Chrome extension ups the ante even more. I can be browsing around on my favorite parenting websites & find an article that I think my readership would be interested in. Instead of having to remember to schedule it, I just click on the CoSchedule extension, and voila, in seconds I can pop the article into the weeks schedule.

If you are interested in getting CoSchedule for yourself they’ll set you up with a free trial, tell them that we sent you!

Happy Blogging 🙂

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