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Do you VUDU?

Do you VUDU? If your response is that you aren’t sure what VUDU is, then be prepared for me to make your life a little easier! Parenting is hard so sometimes. It’s the little life hacks that we fixate on and feel the need to share with the world. For me, that small thing was an app that my husband brought into our lives.

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What is VUDU? It’s a video streaming app that takes the digital copies included in DVD/BluRays purchased and allows you to log the code into the app. Once the code is entered, the video can then be streamed through the app instantly. My Smart TV came with the VUDU app on it. I click the button and instantly all of our movies show up for us to select and hit play.

There are also additional, cool features like linking accounts with other people so that you share your video library (or something technical that my husband cares deeply about). I just care that when my minion requests Minions for the zillionth time, I’m not searching a million cases to find it since movies NEVER end up in the correct cases.

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Another fantastic thing about it is the ability to download (or stream using data) on my phone. While I’d love to say that my daughter doesn’t use our phones or a tablet, that’s not the case. We do limit screen time, but when she’s forced to come with me to work or sit in a doctor’s office waiting for what feels like forever, VUDU has been my savior.

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When my husband came home raving about this app that we “had” to use, I was skeptical. It took a bunch of time to gather our movies and see if we still had those tiny pieces of paper that had the codes and tried to enter each code. Some didn’t and for a small fee we could insert the movie into the computer and it would convert it to the digital copy. The initial investment (mostly time, not money) had me wondering if it would be worth it. Today I’ll tell you that the last time that I touched one of our discs was probably 6 months ago. That, for me, is worth its weight in gold!


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