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First Birthday: Countdown to One, the Second Time Around

It is happening again. There is no way to slow it down. The days are passing quickly and my tiny little baby is slipping away.  My sweet little girl, you are going to be one.

I cried on your sister’s first birthday. I know, how stereotypical of me, but I could not believe that I was leaving those cherished baby months behind. However, I do not think I will cry on yours. Do not take that as a slight, my little one; I just know what is coming. Your baby days may be numbered, but your people days are just starting. I get to watch you grow, and I am already catching a glimpse of who you will become.

I can see it already–the wheels turning inside your head. Your curiosity is abound. You are drinking in the world around you. I love the way you interact with us and mimic what we do. You are trying with all your might to communicate with us and you are elated when you receive the response you sought after. I love your dance moves and how you are desperately trying to walk. I am so impressed by those couple of steps you take when you think no one is watching. I love the way you and your sister are beginning to interact. She more than just tolerates your presence now; you’ve charmed her. I look forward to the days when you can hold your own against her.

Your tiny little smile can light up an entire room and your giggle is contagious. People flock to you, and you welcome them with no questions asked. You are fearless, which scary because I thought I had my hands full with you sister. I may never sit again once you get moving. These toddler years, while trying, are also so rewarding. 

Now, do not get me wrong; I am going to miss my sweet, happy baby. You can be sure I am going to soak up these last few weeks. Snuggles will be plentiful and I will breathe in that sweet baby smell. Those middle of the night feedings are slowing down, so I may rock you just a bit longer. I know I will miss those quiet moments, just the two of us. I am going to kiss those sweet, baby feet and try to get in as many full belly baby laughs as I can. And when those tiny, little hands reach up for up for me, I will scoop you up and cuddle you closely.

This year has been so full of love, my sweet little one.  You were the perfect addition to our family. I did not know what I was missing until you entered our lives. Your sister may have made me a mother, but you, sweet girl, you showed me how much my heart could expand.

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Photo courtesy of KM Photography

Happy Birthday, Little One! 

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