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The Grass is Always Greener: a Working Mom’s Perspective

grass always green working mom's perspective Providence moms BlogI took a vacation day this week without any real plans. I knew the weekend was going to be busy, so I wanted the opportunity to do laundry, grocery shop, and maybe even sneak in a nap while the baby slept. I thought I had it all planned perfectly.  It was completely different than I expected.

Here’s an account of the day:

6:10 am: Alarm (i.e. baby) goes off and I roll over with a smile remembering that I don’t have to rush today.

6:12 am: Alarm sounds for the second time and now I’m throwing a bottle in the warmer and thinking about how quickly I can make myself some coffee.

7:30 am: Baby is playing quietly and I’m thinking this is going to be the best day EVER. I should totally quit my job and be a stay at home mom because this is so fun!

7:45 am: I decide we should go for a walk because it’s a gorgeous day and we’re on vacation.

8:03 am: I shower, make the iced coffee, and get the baby dressed for our walk.

8:23 am: Baby is tired, hungry, and I still haven’t had the coffee.

8:42 am: Baby is now napping (before 9am?) and I’m throwing in laundry, answering emails, and making lists of things that I have been neglecting, which includes, but is not limited to all the things I’ve been trying to get done for months.

9:00 am: Now I’m overwhelmed. And the baby is awake. And I haven’t had coffee yet. And the dog wants to go for a walk. Can I surrender yet? How do you stay at home moms do this?

9:30 am: We’re walking…and drinking coffee…and this is so fun! My friends are coming over for lunch and a pool party too!

10:40: Can’t remember if I switched over the laundry but we’re in the pool and baby is skipping nap today because we’re having so much fun.

12:00: We’re trying to feed five children and three of them are tired. Did someone say nap?

1:00: Baby is finally down…. For FIFTEEN minutes! Why does this child sleep for hours at daycare but when he gets into his own crib he’s just dancing around at all hours?

2:30: When is Daddy coming home? How do people do this all day? I’m tired… there are tons of dishes, the baby hasn’t slept, and my laundry pile is still huge.  Going to work every day seems so much easier than this!

4:15: Since I didn’t go to work today, it’s only fair that I cook dinner.

5:00: It’s looking like take-out again.

Bottom line: The grass is always greener on the other side. When I’m working, I wish I was with my kids in the pool. When I’m at home, I long for the career I have always worked so hard for. On the weekends, I run around like a crazy person trying to squeeze errands and family time into 60+ hours. It’s a juggling act, but it’s my act, and this is my life.


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