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Providence Moms Blog 2017/18 School Guide {Local Private and Preschools}

At Providence Moms Blog, we are committed to providing comprehensive resources to local parents. Many thanks to the schools below for partnering with us on this guide.

Where should I send my child to school? Which school will be the right fit for my child, for my family? Choosing a school can be a tremendously daunting process for a family. Researching what is available and tracking down all the various options can become a full time job. And we don’t know a single mama out there who has extra time on their hands. So we’ve put together this School Guide; a comprehensive list of local Private and Preschools to help you choose. Check out our guide, save it for future reference, and use some of the time we’ve saved you to kick back and relax for a few minutes.

Gordon School

Gordon School is a forward-thinking and socially focused school for families looking to raise children to think, question, lead, and collaborate confidently in an increasingly complex world. Students from nursery school to eighth grade engage in a challenging and inspiring multicultural curriculum that fuels their innate curiosity and promotes social and emotional growth. Gordon is in East Providence on a twelve-acre campus with 70% open space; outdoor exploration and play are a part of every student’s day. Learning takes place among a diverse population of students and teachers who reflect the many cultures in the greater Rhode Island community. Gordon graduates are intellectual leaders and joyful learners with true empathy: young people who will make a positive impact on their world.

The Grace School

At The Grace School, we foster both academic excellence and individual growth in children of all abilities. We do this through inclusive classrooms that combine rigorous academics with a culture of compassion for children in Kindergarten through grade 8. Modeled after Meeting Street’s highly acclaimed and nationally accredited Early Learning Center, Meeting Street started The Grace School, having honed and developed our inclusive model for more than 20 years. The Grace School has a commitment to personal growth and academic success no matter what a child’s ability is to meet or exceed grade level learning standards. While rigorous academic achievement is our main focus, we also place high value on the social and emotional growth of our students. Our inclusive culture of compassion provides the perfect opportunity to instill acceptance and understanding of all children of all abilities.

Red Brick School

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Red Brick School has been a well respected and integral part of the Barrington community and surrounding towns for over 60 years! We provide a positive educational experience for our students and offer the opportunity for them to develop confidence as individuals and as learners. Each classroom offers your child an opportunity to experience all areas of the eight domains of The Rhode Island Early Learning Standards. Our teachers incorporate social and emotional development, literacy, mathematics, science, creativity, physical health, language development and different approaches to learning into their curriculum.

East Side Nursery School

East Side

At East Side Nursery School young children learn by doing. We believe that learning is an interactive process that requires active thinking and experimenting. As educators, we set the stage for children to learn through child-initiated, child-directed, and teacher-supported activities. These activities encourage each child to explore, experiment, and grow at his or her own rate of development.



School One

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School One is a small, progressive high school on the East Side of Providence. Our hallmarks: a robust arts program; a creative curriculum; an inclusive and vibrant community; and a great track record with college and art school admissions.






Learning Brooke

At Learning Brooke, we hope to build a relationship with you and your child in order to support his/her early development.  Our blended philosophy is constructed upon the belief that all children are competent people and it is our job as their teachers to bring out all of the discovery, joy, and ideas that they possess through explorations, projects, problem-solving, and empowering their independence.  We invite all children 6 weeks through 5 years of age to join our school.  

Sea Side Nursery School

Sea Side Nursery School is a small center with an arts/music/nature-based program helping each child individually to reach their greatest potential.  Established in 1983 we have served the East Bay for 35 years. Our enchanted gardens, large natural outdoor play areas, and inviting classrooms are engaging in imaginative play for our students. We hope you’ll visit soon.

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Comprehensive List of Rhode Island Private and Preschools

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