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What Sets Your Mom BFF Apart From The Rest

Mom BFF Providence Moms BlogWhen I sit down to think about it, it’s kind of funny to think of how friendships evolve and come to be.  You never really can pinpoint when someone migrates from casual acquaintance to good friend.  Each and every one of my friendships is special, but there a several things particularly unique about my friendship with my mom BFF.

First of all, we didn’t meet in a “traditional” way.  We met via a local wedding planning chat board about 13 years ago.  We had a lot in common from the get-go: weddings two weeks apart, our now husbands being the same age (side note: I’m a year older, and she doesn’t hesitate to remind me of this), and having grown up one town over from the other.  

Chatting on an online board turned into real-life meetups.  Eventually we got married and moved over to the local “married” chat board.

Secondly, not only were our weddings closely timed, but so were the births of our children.  My oldest boy is 6 months older than her oldest boy.  My second born is 5 weeks older than her twin boys.  Yes, we have 5 boys among us.  We joke that collectively we have birthed our own basketball team.  Our oldest sons even went to the same daycare for 3 years.

All friendships are special, but mom friends who have kids the same age as yours somehow get your struggles, your triumphs, and your occasional deliriousness in an entirely different way.

Mom BFFs are the first to know your kids are sick.  Except for maybe your partner, they are the first person you text whMom BFF Providence Moms Blogen the little one just barfed everywhere.  And they always check in the next day to see how everyone is feeling.

Mom BFFs help you through the tough days of parenting.  Sometimes it’s done through long, philosophic diatribes.  Sometimes you share similar stories about your kids.  Other times you calm her down via a series emojis, memes, and gifs.

Mom BFFs are one of the first people to like your Instagrams of your kids.  She doesn’t even judge if you posted like 20 of them in one day.  Because, duh.

Mom BFFs are always at your kids’ birthday parties.  You also usually take a selfie during said parties in various poses.  The selfie ends up on Instagram.  (Spoiler: she is the first one to like it).

Mom BFFs welcome discussions about Halloween costumes and holiday outfits really far in advance.  Few people could ever understand the need to ponder Halloween costumes relentlessly….in May.  You also never realized two adults could hold such a riveting conversations about Christmas pajamas.

Mom BFFs commiserate with you about your picky eaters. They feel your pain when you just slaved over a meal no one ate.  They also totally get that cereal for dinner is sometimes inevitable.

Mom BFFs remind you your kid won’t go to college in diapers.  They celebrate potty training milestones and empathize with you over the setbacks.  Also, no one can truly understand poop accidents until you’ve lived through one.

Mom BFFs analyze pictures of rashes and boo-boos.  Hives? Bug bite? Eczema?  Because two moms putting their heads together to solve a mystery is better than one, and it’s also far more calming than Dr. Google.

Mom BFFs tell you about the really great clearance sale so you can both stock up on kids’ clothes for next season.  More than likely this results in your kids having some of the same outfits.  Oops.  (Hey, it just proves you both have great taste).

Mom BFF Providence Moms Blog

Mom BFFs are one of the first people to wish your kids a Happy Birthday.  They also ask you how you’re handling this milestone.  Why?  Because they know you’re probably a babbling, weepy mess.

Mom BFFs text pictures of their kids building Lego forts in the bathroom.  While they’re using it.  You laugh because the same thing just happened to you 20 minutes earlier.  You then reminisce about the days you had some semblance of privacy.

Mom BFFs plan playdates together.  After the playdate, you both lament about your sheer exhaustion while simultaneously relishing in the fact that your kids are growing up together and hopefully creating a special bond, just like you both enjoy.

They say people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.  My mom BFF came into my life for a reason, which turned into another reason, which is surely destined for a lifetime.  I am thankful to share this journey through motherhood with her and to be able to talk all things non-motherhood with her.  We keep each other sane on the tough days, celebrate the good ones, and laugh about the ridiculous ones.  I am confident that, without her, I surely would have lost my mind a long, long time ago, and I am so very thankful that we met.  


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