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Spring, Can You Come Now (Please?)!

Spring, are you out there?

I hate winter. I know that there are some people who love it (and by all means, please enjoy it to its fullest), but I am over it. At this point, I could do without the eighty bags I now need to carry full of shoes to change into, coats for the children when they get out of the car seats, and God knows what else. Additionally, my children no longer have matching mittens and no stores sell them any longer because who needs winter stuff in the winter, right?! It’s cool, we are all just channeling our inner Punky Brewster over here. 

I have not even touched upon the additional half hour it takes us to get ready to leave the house. Not to mention the moment of utter defeat when I finally have both children ready only to discover that my toddler has already stripped most of the winter clothing off and I have to start over. That’s super awesome as well. January was the absolute longest this year; it was like forever. I tried to be really positive about February – it’s a short month. However, the majority of it was spent in quarantine because my darling family caught every germ and illness ever. I think I forgot what the real world looked like. Add in a dose of the winter blues and the last of my patience, and well, my parenting has probably been less than stellar lately.

However, Mother Nature knew I was at my breaking point. She manages to know this every year. And ever so quietly, she snuck in three of the most glorious days and probably saved us all. There was sunshine and warmth. We left quarantine. We explored, ran around, took off our coats, and saw so many other happy people out and about. I know everyone felt the same way, I am pretty sure the whole state of Rhode Island came to the zoo with me one day. In short, it was the perfect reminder that spring was lurking nearby. That these gray days are survivable and I am really not the world’s worst mother. 

Now, I am seasoned New Englander. I know that March is a long month. Just because the calendar states it’s almost spring does not mean it automatically becomes spring. Snow is still a possibility, along with cold gray days, but there is hope in the air. The sun is not setting quite so early anymore. Daylight Savings has come and gone,  And even on those cool days, the crocuses will start to peak through the snow, adding some much-needed color to the bland landscape. Reminding us of our resiliency. 

So fellow mamas, we can do this. We can handle a few more weeks of cold air. I know we can build a couple more snowmen and paint the snow. We can snuggle under blankets, drink a few more mugs of hot cocoa, and read countless stories over and over. I know that your patience is thinning and your creativity is waning, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. The best thing about the seasons is our opportunity to start anew every few months. These dark days are almost behind us and the world will come alive again. Mamas, hold on — spring is almost here! 

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