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So Long Sweet Summer: A Teacher’s Reflection at the Start of the Year

So Long Sweet Summer: A Teacher's Reflection at the Start of the Year Providence Moms Blog

Summer has ended. Right now, some moms are happily ready to send their children back to the routine of the school year. Other moms are sadly walking their children to the bus stop, unexcited to see their little companions go.  Some moms will be sending their babies off to kindergarten, while others will be sending their babies off to their senior year.  Both are wondering how time has passed so quickly. For a few, this is just simply a change of the seasons with new activities to start and adventures to explore.

This mom, however, is the one leaving her babies behind and heading back to school. My eight week stint as a stay at home mom has ended. This week, I become a full time working mom again. I am headed back to my classroom to get ready for a new group of students. To say I am devastated is an understatement.  I am sure in later years, when we are all headed back to school, the transition will be easier. However, right now, this idea gives me no solace.  

Going back to work means no more lazy morning snuggles with the baby. I will not leisurely start the day with giggles, stories, and songs.  That one-on-one time I worked so hard to schedule with each girl this summer is no more. Zoo adventures, the playground, swimming, play dates — they are all reserved for the weekends. I am going to miss watching my preschooler play pretend and my toddler discover more of the world around her. Do not worry — I am aware that I will have a few brief hours after work to enjoy this each night, but I am currently wallowing.  Let me wallow. 

I know that within a couple of weeks we will be back in the swing of things. Our morning routine will begin to run smoothly. I will be less bitter about waking up early (that’s a lie, I am always bitter about having to wake sleeping children). We will rediscover how to make the best of evenings together. My working will become the norm again. 

It won’t be all bad, either. There are some bonuses to working, too. For instance, I will get to interact with other adults and have conversations that have nothing to do with bodily functions. I will get to eat something and not have to share it. Additionally, I will get to drink an entire cup of coffee while it is still hot!

So Long Sweet Summer: A Teacher's Reflection at the Start of the Year Providence Moms Blog

The most comforting thought in all of this is that I love my job. Yes, I hate leaving my children behind, but I love teaching yours.  I love watching them grow and learn throughout the year. I love the community that we build together in our classroom.  Yes, there are going to be challenging days. There are going to be days where we all learn from our mistakes. In the end, though, I love what each child teaches me throughout the year.

Being a mom has made me a better teacher. I now understand what each one of you sacrifices. So as you send those little pieces of your heart to school this year, know that I am going to do my best to inspire them. I am going to set high expectations and show them that they can succeed.  Our days will not be perfect, but I will try my best to be compassionate and understanding. I will do my best because I have little pieces of my heart somewhere else too. 

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