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Christmas Tree Early Providence Moms Blog

Can I Put the Christmas Tree Up Yet?

It’s November 1st, the morning after another chaotic but fun filled Halloween. It’s cooler this morning, and the sky looks grayer. Winter is on the horizon. I put my old maternity sweater around my shoulders, slide on my furry knee high slippers boots, and I get to work taking down the skeletons, pumpkins, witches, and […]

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nap struggle real Providence Moms Blog

The Naptime Struggle is Real

Why. Won’t. You. Nap?! I just don’t get it. The second I think I have any handle or control of naptime, he goes and switches it up on me. He follows a routine just long enough to lure me into thinking that I can actually count on some time to myself (time to myself: laundry, […]

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guns playdates providence moms blog

Guns and Playdates {Guest Post}

I have one question I always ask before a playdate with new friends: “Are there guns in the home?” If the answer is “yes,” my follow up question is, “are the guns locked up?” Because the one time I didn’t ask my friend, she casually mentioned “my husband keeps a loaded gun in our nightstand,” […]

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holidays pinterest comparison Providence Moms Blog

Holidays and Pinterest and Comparison, Oh My!

Well folks, the holiday season has officially begun. Everyone’s brilliant Halloween costumes flooded my social media pages this weekend and will continue to until Wednesday. Soon after, Pinterest will explode with delicious recipes for Thanksgiving meals and beautiful decor to match.  As a stay at home mom, the pressure I feel to make our house […]

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vacation no power Providence Moms Blog

We Came Home From Vacation to No Power

My family just came home from a relatively warm and enjoyable vacation in beautiful sunny Florida. Apparently while we were away, there were many days of torrential rain leading up to a super storm that was most likely part of a tropical storm.  My flight was supposed to get into T.F. Green Airport at 10:05pm […]

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