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Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular Providence Moms Blog

The Magic Behind Roger Williams Park Zoo’s Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular

We are so grateful that through our partnership with Roger Williams Park Zoo we have the opportunity to share with our readers about the creation of the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular! Every year that I’ve attended Roger Williams Park Zoo’s Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular, I’ve always been amazed by the beauty of each carved pumpkin. But I hadn’t yet […]

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Goodbye, Benny’s… {Guest Post}

Fifteen years ago, I made Rhode Island my home, and I quickly learned three important things about the smallest State in the Union – 1. It is a rare occurrence to meet someone with whom you don’t already share a mutual acquaintance, 2. Driving any further than 15 minutes to a destination is cause for […]

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Puerto Rico PRovidence Moms Blog

Heartbroken About Puerto Rico

I first went to Puerto Rico in December of 2016 with my family. I instantly fell in love with the culture there. A territory of the USA, meaning no passport needed, made it an easily accessible tropical paradise. My family loved it so much we went back again just 6 months later, exploring new places […]

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good mom Providence Moms Blog

I’m a Good Mom, Right?

What is a good mom? How exactly do you define what makes someone a good mom? Am I a good mom? I find myself asking myself that question on a daily basis. What have I done today that would make me a good mom? Who even decides? We are living in a time where there […]

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Halloween: Cute and Scary

Every year as Halloween approaches, I can barely contain myself. Forget Thanksgiving, THIS is where the holiday season begins. For as long as I can remember I have always had a fascination with the spooky and the gory, the things that go bump in the night. From the first time I was introduced to A […]

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Las Vegas It Shouldn't Be Like This Providence Moms Blog

In Response to Las Vegas: It Shouldn’t Be Like This

This morning I awoke to the horrible news of the mass shooting in Las Vegas in which, at the time of writing this, 58 individuals were killed and over 500 injured.   It shouldn’t be like this. Just hours ago, those 50 individuals excitedly departed their homes and their families to attend a concert.  It […]

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