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Facing Pregnancy Together With My Best Friend

When my best friend called me to tell me that she was six weeks pregnant, I choked back tears and responded with three words: I am too. For years, we joked about getting pregnant together, but neither of us could have predicted being due just four days apart. Being pregnant with someone else has so many […]

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Processing Gender Disappointment

  There I was in my midwife’s office, tears rolling down my face. No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t stop them from falling. “I’m not sad, just surprised.” She made a note in my file as I blubbered on. “I just can’t see myself mothering a little girl,” I continued,  “I always thought […]

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cutting the cord cable Providence Moms Blog

Goodbye, Cable!

We pulled the plug on cable television just a few short months ago. Our bill had been inching its way to the $200+ range, and it was just too much. From a financial perspective, we probably could have made it work, but it was the principle of sending the check each month that eventually pushed […]

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