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Mobile Mothers’ Room

What is the Mobile Mothers’ Room?

The Mobile Mothers’ Room is a clean, comfortable, semi-private place to take care of young children’s needs at outdoor events. We have a screen tent with several chairs, activities to keep siblings entertained, and a mobile diaper changing station with diaper wipes, hand sanitizer and some spare diapers for emergencies!

Mobile Mothers Room Providence RI Moms Blog Breastfeeding


Why the Mobile Mothers’ Room? 

Providence Moms Blog developed the Mobile Mothers’ Room in response to a need that was identified by our community. It can often be difficult at outdoor, public events to find a place to take care of young children’s needs. Bathroom facilities may be unavailable, with only porta potty’s that do not have changing tables. For a mother who needs to nurse or feed her baby a bottle it can be difficult to find a place that is comfortable to do so (Have you ever tried to feed a baby at a picnic table? Not comfortable. Breast or bottle, it’s super hard to feed a baby without back support). The Mobile Mothers’ room offers a place for mothers AND fathers to feed their baby, change their baby, regroup, and continue to enjoy the event. With the Mobile Mothers’ Room at your event, parents will remain longer and enjoy the event more. 

Use of the Mobile Mothers’ Room will always be free to event attendees. If you are interested in bringing the Mobile Mothers’ Room to your event, please fill out the form below. 

If you are interested in Sponsoring the Mobile Mothers’ Room please contact us at [email protected]

Mobile Mothers Room Providence RI Moms Blog Breastfeeding

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