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Feast and Fettle: Home Delivered Dinner for Busy Families

This post was made possible through our partnership with Feast & Fettle.

spices and herbs on spoons Providence Moms BlogRaise your hand if you are a dinner extraordinaire? 

…My hand is not up.

I would like to tell you that my husband and I are the perfect meal planners. That each night we have dinner set and ready to go, but that would be a lie. Both of us work full time and dinner is typically a scramble.

What ingredients do we have? What can we throw together quickly to satisfy our children? How can we use the least amount of dishes? These are all typical questions that we throw back and forth at each other each night.  In truth, dinner is actually a nightmare. We really just want a magical fairy to sneak in a prepare our meals for us so we can spend more time with our children.

However, this is just a fairy tale. But what if we could make it a reality?

Well, that is exactly what the culinary geniuses at Feast and Fettle are trying to accomplish. They understand what working families are looking for: more family time and healthy meals.  Their whole goal is to create healthy meals, from local suppliers, that are delivered to your door!

cooler bag from Feast and Fettle Providence Moms Blog

Most adorable cooler ever!

This is not like meal kit services I have done before. There is absolutely no prep! No dicing, peeling, cutting. No going to the grocery store! The only thing I needed to do was reheat and honestly, it was amazing.

The week before my meals were delivered I simply needed to log in to my account to view the next week’s meals. The menu is available from Sunday to Wednesday the week prior, and you can make changes up until Wednesday. For my week, I chose three entrees and five sides. Since it was my first time, I opted for two of my sides to be a fancy loaf of bread and dessert. They were delicious, but in the future, I would probably choose a more traditional side to make meals larger. We went with the two-person option for our small family of four. However,  I love leftovers for lunches, so next time I would go for the four-person option.

My food arrived on the Monday after April vacation.  That evening, I came home to the cutest cooler of food on my porch. Each meal was in its own individual container and stacked neatly into my crammed refrigerator, which is really a feat in itself. They have the option to deliver twice a week, though, if you are concerned about refrigerator space.

Feast and Fettle home delivery meals Providence Moms Blog

It all fit in my fridge!

 Now, remember when I said I just finished April break? After having a week off, you would assume my home was immaculate; but no, it was a disaster. However, in the matter of an hour, I organized my house, read to my daughters, and had a healthy meal on the table in TEN minutes! Additionally, my girls loved both the salmon and the broccoli. After dinner, I cleaned a bazillion four dishes. Once the girls were in bed, my husband and  I sat on the couch! Monday win!

The rest of my week played out in a similar fashion. In my fridge were two more meals with sides to match. There was no last-minute scramble, no panic about vegetables, no cereal for dinner! My family ate together, not in shifts, and we focused on us. Not only that, but each meal was delicious. Each night, I looked forward to trying a new meal, and my family did too. 

Feast and Fettle gave me the opportunity to be a mom. After coming home from work, my family and I were able to play outside. We jumped on the trampoline, went for a walk, giggled, played tag, and saw our neighbors. My husband and I were not sneaking away to prep a meal and cook. Both of us had the chance to be present, neither of us had to forego family time. 

Additionally, after all this fun time, we did not sacrifice our nutrition. There was no cereal or waffles for dinner (this happens probably more than is appropriate), but a meal with vegetables. Oh, and fear not, Feast and Fettle even offers numerous options to help with those picky toddlers – and husbands! I was a bit more adventurous to get the true culinary experience, but many of the sides are foods my children eat on a regular basis. 

I ended my week pretty much feeling like a boss. Feast and Fettle, thank you for giving me my family back and for allowing me to love dinner again. 

My amazing meals! Indian Chickpea Masala with Jasmine Rice, Grilled Salmon with Kimchi Butter and Sauteed Broccoli with Sesame Brittle, and Pork Wonton Meatballs with Sauteed Mixed Peas and Shitake Mushrooms



Feast & Fettle is a Rhode Island-based meal delivery service that takes the stress out of deciding what to eat for dinner. Each week, seasonally-inspired, chef-prepared meals are delivered directly to members’ doors to enjoy in the comfort of their homes.

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