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Fed Children, A Caffeinated Mama, and No Buckling: A Tale of Happiness on a Dunkin Run

Before Dunkin' Donuts contacted PMB about this post we did not realize the Dunkin' Run Menu had launched. We are so glad our partnership with Dunkin' Donuts brought it to our attention, and that we can, in turn, bring it to you.

Dunkin' Donuts bag shot from the inside of a car with a Dunkin Donuts sign in the background. Author is on a Dunkin' Run.

With three children still in car seats, nearly every decision I make is precipitated by a calculation of how many times I am going to have to buckle and unbuckle car seats. Run into the drugstore to get a gallon of milk? Six bucklings, not worth it- water for everyone! A few weeks ago after a morning of fairly moderate errand running, I made the mistake of doing the math – between my errands, a sudden “I need to pee RIGHT NOW” emergency, and a trip to the playground I calculated that I buckled and unbuckled car seats 36 times.

Thirty-Six times.

This is why drive through’s are the lifeblood of a mother.

The other lifeblood is a mother? Caffeine. Clearly.

Donut Fries in a Pink package with Dunkin' Donuts written on it. From Dunkin' Run Menu

But when you end up in the Dunkin’ Donuts drive through as often as I do, you are quickly faced with the donut problem. The kids see the sign, the hand comes up. “No-nut mama?” Early on in my parenting career, I had the brilliant sense to spin a lie that my children continue to believe: “Dunkin Donuts only sells donuts in the morning.” This fabrication has saved me many arguments as I swing through for a 2pm Iced Coffee run. But truth be told the kids usually need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up as desperately as I do, and while I stand by my “no afternoon donuts” stance, it leaves me in a bit of a bind when I know they just need some quick calories in their belly.

So the recently launched Dunkin’ Run Menu is actually a bit of a godsend. The five new menu items cover all the bases. Waffle Breaded Chicken Tenders and Ham and Cheese Roll-Ups if you’re looking to check the “I just need to get protein into this child” box, Pretzel Bites with mustard for, well let’s face it, those are for me, and donut fries and a (gluten-free!) brownie for when I want to stick with my lie but don’t actually care if the children eat more sugar as long as they stop making noise. And at $2 each they are inexpensive enough that when my kid takes two bites of yesterday’s favorite and refuses the rest, I’m not totally annoyed (also small enough that when I inevitably eat what’s left I’m not filled with regret).

And I don’t have to buckle or unbuckle any car seats.

I really hate buckling car seats.

Young toddler Eating a chicken finger from Dunkin' Run menu.


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