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Back to School Shopping with Luca Boutique!

At Providence Moms Blog, we love to connect moms with amazing local businesses, especially ones that are owned by moms.  We could not be more excited to partner with Luca Boutique for this sponsored post to help all moms navigate back to school clothes shopping! 

back to school shopping Luca BoutiqueIn just a few short weeks, I am sending my baby girl off to Kindergarten.  Entering this new chapter in our lives is exciting, emotional, and overwhelming.  As we prepare for this new step, we are slowly checking off the boxes of necessary school accessories: new lunch box, new backpack, new pencils, new clothes.

Oh, those new clothes.

It presents me with such a dilemma.  When my daughter was first born, I was insistent on purchasing new, adorable, and often pricey clothes.  Very quickly, I realized the error of my ways.  Clothes get stained and children grow so fast, it’s hard for me to justify spending a lot of our money on clothes that will get put away or donated after a season of wear.

But as a person with high end taste, I’ve struggled with the best way to do this.  More inexpensive clothing that I’ve purchased often can’t withstand the wear and tear of my adventurous daughter.  Most of the consignment stores I’ve ventured into are dark, cluttered, and hard to navigate.  And while I want to exclusively shop at fun places like Hanna Andersson, the sticker shock alone means I have to be more selective in what I purchase.  Plus, as someone who tries to be environmentally friendly, I have a hard time justifying the ecological impact of buying new clothes.

Enter Luca Boutique, the most adorable children’s consignment boutique I’ve ever seen.  It’s light, airy, and inviting, and the merchandise is well positioned and easy to peruse on the floor.  The owner, Diane, is dreamy. Helpful and friendly, she has a great eye for putting together the perfect combination of outfits and clearly remembers the challenges of being a mother of young children.  She also has a dedicated area of the store where children can play that’s gated.  Since I always have my 19 month old in tow, the ability to have a safe space to contain my child so I can shop is a huge bonus.

Her merchandise selection is incredible.  From Mini Boden, Crewcuts, The North Face, and Tea Collection to my beloved Hanna Andersson, Luca Boutique has everything that any kid could want, in excellent condition at an even better price.  And you know what’s better than new Hannas?  Used Hannas that are even more soft and comfortable.  In my book, that’s a win-win.

At Providence Moms Blog, we asked Luca Boutique to give us a sampling of outfits that any kid would want to wear on the first day of school.  Here are some ideas she put together just for our readers!

For a Kindergarten Girl
Girls Size 5 Zara Top  $6.50
Baby Denim pull on denim jeggings  7.50
For a Second Grade Girl
Girls Tea Collection Dress Size 7 $14  
Kid Pik Shoes New with Tags $12
For a Middle School Girl
Girls Crewcuts Sweater Size 12   $12
Zara Leggings NWT  $12  
LL Bean Duck Boots  Size 3  $48
luca boutique back to school shopping sponsored post Providence Moms Blog
For a Kindergarten Boy 
Boys Size 5 Hanna Andersson Top $9  
Mini Boden Drawstring Cords $12  
North Face Summit Series  $28
For a Second Grade Boy 
Boys size 8  Black Dog Hat NWT $7  
Crewcuts Top $12  
Gap Vest  $9
     Mini Boden Denim $9
luca boutique back to school shopping sponsored post Providence Moms Blog
For a Middle School Boy 
Boys size 12 Patagonia Down Sweater $44
Mini Boden Drawstring Cords  $9
Crewcuts Top $9  
Mini Boden Velcro Suede Sherpa Lined Boots Size 3  $15

Aren’t these outfits amazing?  I can’t help but swoon as I look at them!

Not only are the clothes at Luca Boutique in excellent condition, the brands that I adore, and at the perfect price point, the boutique takes eco sustainability very seriously.  Each transaction is paperless, and the paper bags they use are environmentally friendly.  And as a mother who wants to do everything I can to protect the environment for my children, I appreciate Luca Boutique’s willingness to think about its own carbon footprint. Luca Boutique is a worthwhile investment for any mother and mom-to-be!

Back to school shopping could not be easier than at Luca Boutique!  PMB readers, please join us on Friday, August 11, at Luca Boutique’s New To You Back to School Shopping Event from 10-5pm.  Patagonia, Crewcuts, Hanna Andersson, Zara, Vineyard Vines, Lands End, Tea Collection, Garnet Hill, Janie and Jack, The North Face, Primigi , Gap, Ugg, Helly Hansen, and Mini Boden are just a few of the great brands that will be there!  Be sure to come early and RSVP on Facebook for the latest updates and sneak peeks!  Luca Boutique is located at 193 Water Street in downtown Warren.  They carry premium and better brand children’s apparel, baby gear, and trendy maternity clothing for the stylish Mom to be! You’ll also find a wide array of new accessories and gifts.

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