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Redo Your Toddler’s Room In 30 Easy Steps!

Realize that your third child’s room is still basically the former office/playroom with a changing table and some of her clothes in it, and she just turned 2. Debate if you should redo it. Decide you must give her a properly decorated bedroom, including repainting the walls and the ceiling and buying a larger rug […]

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A Lazy Mom’s Halloween Week Lunch Ideas

I’m not that mom. Notes in the kids’ lunch boxes, lovingly and intricately curated Bento Boxes, elaborate decorations for each holiday? Nope, nope, nope. Although I love to cook a good meal, Martha Stewart I am not. I get a little into Christmas decorating and occasionally get a bit of Pinterest fever for the kids’ […]

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Top Five Birthday Gift Ideas to Inspire Creativity

Birthdays…they happen every day. But you don’t quite realize how frequent they are until you have kids and they get invited to birthday parties almost every weekend. So here are my top five suggestions for meaningful gifts that can spark creativity and experiential learning. To encourage creativity and literacy in the kitchen, try FRED Letter Pressed Cookie Cutters (Alphabet and […]

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