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Taking the performance world by storm, Manual Cinema is one of the hottest tickets at arts festivals around the world. The company transforms our experience of attending the cinema, combining shadow puppetry, theatricality, cinematic techniques, multi-channel sound design and live music to create haunting, immersive stories.

Lula del Ray is a mythic reinvention of the classic coming-of-age story, set in the mid-century American Southwest and inspired by the music of Hank Williams, Roy Orbison and Patsy Cline. A New York Times “Critic’s Pick,” it tells the story of a lonely girl living with her mother on the outskirts of a vast satellite array in the desert. After a chance encounter over the radio, Lula becomes obsessed with a soulful country music duo, inspiring her to run away from home and into a world of danger, deception, and disappointment.

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Bye Bye Binkie!

      “Bye, bye binkie, binkie bye-bye!” Elmo’s song came through the iPad. My daughter stayed locked in, but quietly shook her head at it. It was as if she was saying, “Elmo, I like you, we’ve gotten along great so far, but I kindly disagree.” We had been talking about it for weeks. […]

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Me too?  Because I don't know.    No, that isn't right. I'm inured to it, I guess. I've never technically been sexually assaulted or raped, so I don't want to falsely claim an allegiance tangentially. Not that I'm not upset, or think that survivors or I were ever in the wrong, but... I grew up [...]
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emotions hopes fears raising deep feeling child Providence Moms Blog

The Fears and Hopes of Raising a Deep-Feeling Child

From the moment he arrived, my younger son made it clear he was his own person.   We discovered his dimples within hours of birth, when he did that subconscious newborn smiling thing.  When he started smiling with purpose, they were big, toothless smiles.  His giggles were infectious, and became more boisterous as he grew. […]

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The Kissing Hand Baby Grows Up Providence Moms Blog

The Kissing Hand: When Your Baby Grows Up

When my oldest daughter was in preschool, we religiously read the book “The Kissing Hand”  by Audrey Penn.  If you haven’t read it with your little one, it’s about a raccoon named Chester who is afraid to go to school and be away from his mother.  To allay his fears, Chester’s mother talk to him […]

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kindergarten graduation Providence Moms Blog

On the Eve of Kindergarten Graduation

It’s hard to believe kindergarten graduation is already upon us.  While it won’t be your first graduation (that was for pre-K!), or last, when a grade level turns from names to numbers, it’s a big step.  This evening, I’m doing that “emotional mom” thing.  Frankly, I am considering giving the box of tissues next to […]

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